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When you’re thinking about going on a truly great trip, a really unforgettable holiday, surely the United States is one of the strongest candidates. The reasons to visit are endless. From travelling across route 66, trying your luck in Las Vegas, to walking in the shadows of the skyscrapers in Midtown Manhattan.


Who wouldn’t want to go?


However, as advanced as the USA is, its public healthcare is definitely not up to average European standards. In other words, a trip to see the doctor ain’t free in the land of the free. So how expensive is it?

A good case study to help us answer this question is that of Karen Nielsen, a 28 year old woman. The blog explains that when Karen was in America, she began suffering stomach pains. After a trip to the doctors she was given a CT scan, which revealed appendicitis. This required immediate medical treatment, to remove her appendix. Karen didn’t have any travel insurance in place, so was handed a bill for $24,000.


Why buy travel insurance when visiting the US?



As the above example shows, medical treatment costs in America can quickly spiral to tens of thousands of dollars. Whilst you may think it won’t happen to you, when you factor in all the stresses on the body that travelling causes, such as from time zone & climate changes and generally over-doing it, your chances of falling ill are greatly increased. Therefore, if you don’t want to run the risk of ending up with a whopping great big medical bill…


…you will need to buy comprehensive travel insurance.


But travel insurance does move than simply pick up the tab when you fall ill. It’s there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing emergency assistance with just one phone call. When you require inpatient medical treatment, we manage the process every step of the way. Allowing you to concentrate on getting better. What’s more, if a medical emergency stops you from getting home as planned, we’ll arrange your repatriation as soon as you’re fit to fly.

But it’s not just medical coverage that travel insurance provides; there are loads of other benefits as well! All Coverontrip travel insurance policies provide cover for trip cancellation, should you need to cancel your trip, such as if you suffer an illness or injury before your departure date. Other sections of cover include baggage and money. Their covers against loss or theft of your possessions or money, and personal liability, which covers you if you’re liable for injuring someone or damaging their property.


Save money and time


There’s no doubt about it. Buying travel insurance can save you tens of thousands of pounds if you wind up needing medical treatment whilst in the USA. For a small percentage of your overall holiday cost you can avoid the risk of being handed a huge medical bill. What’s more, buying a policy with Coverontrip is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes.


Personalise your cover


With Coverontrip you can also personalise your cover with our extensive range of add-ons. For example, if you’re doing something extreme like sky diving or parasailing, we’ve got an add-on for that! Or if you’re taking away a valuable laptop or camera, we’ve got an add-on for that as well!



Your Sherpa

Convert into a traveller and to travel even more relax on your holidays take one of our travel insurance policies!

Enjoy your trip!