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Three things to keep in mind when choosing a travel insurance policy

If you’re shopping around for travel insurance, then the chances are that the sheer amount of choice and options have left you a bit confused as to which is the best policy for you. These days there are dozens of travel insurance companies as well as price comparison websites. And that’s not to mention the credit cards and bank accounts that include travel insurance, or the airlines and tour operators that try to up-sell you travel insurance during the booking process. So to try and help you navigate today’s travel insurance market, here are three things to keep in mind when choosing a policy.


Cover for all your expenses and items


The first thing to look for when choosing a travel insurance policy that’s right for you is the cover levels, to ensure these provide adequate cover. Two sections of cover that you should pay close attention to are the following:

  1. Cancellation cover: work out the total cost of the holiday, including flights, hotels, car hire, excursions, tickets and anything else you would be obligated to pay for, in the event you had to cancel your trip. Once you have the amount, you will know the amount of cancellation cover you need to cover your expenses if you need to cancel your trip.
  2. Baggage cover: Again, calculate the value of the items you plan to take away with you to ensure you choose a policy with sufficient baggage cover. Also, be aware that most policies will have a ‘valuables limit’ and a ‘single article limit’ that will be less than the overall limit. So if you’re taking a lot of valuable items, such as mobiles, tablets and cameras, check these limits to ensure you have adequate coverage. You may also be able to purchase a gadget add-on to increase these levels, such as with Coverontrip a new type of travel insurance.

Here at Coverontrip a new type of travel insurance we offer three tiers of cover on our Holidays travel insurance, so you can choose a level of cover that suits your needs.


Cover for all your activities


Another thing to pay close attention to when choosing a travel insurance policy are what sports and activities are covered under the policy. Even activities that you may presume are covered as standard, such as popular beach activities, may have exclusions applied on some policies.

Or if you plan on doing a specific activity, such as skydiving or trekking over a certain altitude, then check to make sure these are covered. It may be the case that you need to purchase an add-on to be covered for specific activities that are considered ‘hazardous’.

Here at Coverontrip a new type of travel insurance we cover 45 sports and activities as standard, including trekking under 2,500m, windsurfing and scuba diving down to 30 metres with an instructor. You can also purchase add-ons to cover more hazardous activities.

Aside from hazardous activities, if you’re travelling for a specific purpose, such as on a business or golf trip, then you may wish to cover specific items that you’re taking away with you, such as business equipment or golf clubs. Many policies provide add-ons for these types of trips, such as the business and golf add-ons that you can purchase with Coverontrip a new type of travel insurance.


Ease of Use and Access


Once you’ve confirmed that you have adequate cover for all your planned expenses and items, and that the activities you plan on doing are also covered, then another thing you may wish to consider is the ease of use and access to your travel insurer.

All travel insurers will have a 24 hour helpline for medical emergencies, but think about how hard or easy it will be to contact your insurer for anything else, particularly when you’re abroad.

Here at Coverontrip a new type of travel insurance we want to make communication between us and our customers as easy as messaging a friend. That’s why all our customers can contact us through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with any issues they may have.

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