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The importance of travel insurance cancellation cover | Coverontrip Travel Insurance

What it is, what it covers and when to buy it 


An important part of a travel insurance policy is the cancellation cover it provides, so here at Coverontrip travel insurance we’ve written a handy guide explaining exactly what this covers and the most appropriate time to buy it 


What is travel insurance cancelation cover? 

A holiday is always an investment and many people will spend a fair amount of money on it long before their departure date, as we’ve all become accustomed to booking early to get the best deals. But whilst it’s often the case that the earlier you book a holiday the cheaper it is, this also means there’s more time for things to go wrong before your holiday begins, such as coming down with an injury or illness. If the worst came to the worst, this could result in you having to cancel your trip and losing the money you’ve already spent and/or are still due to pay. This is where travel insurance cancellation cover steps in, by reimbursing you the money you’ve already spent on the trip if you need to cancel it.


What is covered under travel insurance cancelation cover? 

As well as covering you and anyone else insured on the policy in the event of an injury or illness that results in a cancellation, this also covers a number of other reasons that may cause you to cancel a trip. The exact cover varies between different insurance policies, but with Coverontrip travel insurance, the following are covered under the cancellation section of cover: 

  • The injury, illness or death of someone insured on the policy. A doctor’s note is required in the event of an injury or illness, just to confirm the need to cancel the trip. 
  • The injury, illness or death of a close relative, close business or someone you were planning to stay with on your trip. 
  • The pregnancy of anyone insured on the policy, if confirmation of the pregnancy is after the date of booking the trip and buying the travel insurance policy. 
  • If anyone insured on the policy is made redundant and qualifies for payment under the Redundancy Payment Legislation. 
  • If the residence of anyone insured on the policy is made uninhabitable following a fire, storm, or flood, or if the police require your presence following a burglary of your residence.     
  • If anyone named on the policy or anyone you plan to stay with on your trip is placed in quarantine, or is summoned for jury service or as a witness in a court case.  


When is the best time to buy travel insurance, in order to be covered for cancellation?    

With Coverontrip Holidays travel insurance and Backpacker travel insurance, cover for cancellation begins the moment the policy is purchased. So if you buy a policy today, but your trip start date is in four months time, your cancellation cover will begin today and last up until the beginning of your trip. Therefore, the sooner you buy travel insurance after booking a trip, the sooner the cancellation cover will begin. This means if you buy travel insurance on the same day as booking a trip, cancellation cover will begin on that day. 


What else is covered on a Coverontrip travel insurance policy? 

Coverontrip travel insurance policies cover far more than just cancellation. Some of the other benefits that come with our travel insurance policies are the following: 

  • Emergency medical expenses in the event of any injuries or illnesses whilst abroad 
  • Baggage and money cover to protect against theft, loss or damage 
  • Curtailment cover, in the event you need to cut short your trip 
  • Personal liability cover, in case you accidentally injury someone or damage their property 
  • Passport and travel documents cover, in case of theft or loss 
  • Emergency dental cover 
  • 24 hour emergency assistance helpline 

So to be covered for all of the above get a quote from Coverontrip travel insurance today.