The 360º solution has been launched to create COVID-PROTECT spaces and reactivate international tourism in 2021

Nexplain launches Immuvid with Coverontrip, the international digital insurance distributor, to offer the COTIMMU 360º solution. This technological innovation will be able to check the performance and result of any test or vaccine against coronavirus and in turn, will ensure the traveller in any eventuality. As a consequence, tourist spaces such as islands, cities, hotels, cruises, football matches, events, restaurants, etc., will become authentic COVID-PROTECT 360º bubbles.

In addition to facilitating a new tourist experience within protected areas, the COTIMMU 360º solution will allow the traveller, in the event of testing positive for COVID-19, to obtain a refund of their reservation thanks to the associated Coverontrip insurance. In terms of medical assistance, the traveller will have national and international care for any disease including the coronavirus, as well as medical video chat while travelling.

“This solution is applicable to all tourist experiences from the moment you decide to travel and make a hotel or cruise reservation until you take the flight, visit a museum or go to a restaurant. It is an innovation that ensures our present and that allows us to close a perfect and international circle ” Asunción Carrasco, CEO of Coverontrip, points out.

“We are really excited about the welcome we are having not only in hotels and tourism companies but also in governments and public administrations that want to bet on relaunching tourism with maximum security and reactivating the economy.” states Ada Garcia, CEO of Immuvid.

Likewise, if a state of alarm or border closure is declared, the solution will provide extended stay coverage and in the event of an alarm state or border closure, the traveller will have an early return thanks to this alliance.

Thanks to this innovative solution, Coverontrip and Nexplain seek to promote a new form of sustainable and future-oriented travel supported by the creation of COVID-PROTECT 360º bubbles and next-generation travel insurance, with a firm commitment to society to reactivate the economy and the tourism sector.
In addition, the importance of turning COVID-PROTECT into bubbles not only tourist spaces but also expanding it to the entire ecosystem around them: museums, restaurants, travel packages, clinics, transport, office buildings, companies air filtering for indoor, public buildings, etc. Finally, the project has scalable technology: from a simple reader to comprehensive national security solutions for border transit.
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