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Route 66 United States

The most American road that won’t stop surprising you, #travellers

Route 66 | Travel Insurance


Route 66, also known as “The Mother Road”, was built in 1926 as part of the former Federal Highway Network of #UnitedStates. It crosses 8 states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. It’s great if you want to know much of the country by car or motorcycle

Do not believe that this route is just to get in the car and look through the windows. The United States has a lot to show us in 3945 kilometres, from Chicago to Los Angeles. Although the road is old, it has its charm, becoming one of the icons of the country.

Route 66 United States What can we do?

Chicago is built in layers, famous for the steel and wood beams that hold the tram that passes between the buildings; jazz musicians on their sidewalks; and the underground road network. You cannot leave without visiting one of its famous and oldest underground taverns: Billy Goat Tavern.

I propose a game for the road: look for car cemeteries. Dodge, Chevrolet and Plymouth are some of the brands of old cars, from the mid-twentieth century, abandoned in scrap yards that you can see from the road. Of course, collector’s pieces.

Route 66 | Travel Insurance

You can also know the Texas ranches and enjoy a good steak served to the weight.

If you spend July 4 in Oklahoma City, you cannot leave without enjoying the holiday in the city of the Indians. Beer, hotdogs, fireworks and live music.

Have you arrived in Tulsa and are you hungry? Prepare for a real hamburger made in the USA accompanied by a soda in the mythical giant Coca-Cola glasses at Tally’s, next to # Route66. Neon lights, black and white tiles …! Welcome to America!

And finally…

When the #Route66 road ceased to be used due to highway construction, many villages connected to it died. Take a walk through one of the abandoned towns between Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Sometimes country music plays through the street speakers …

Do you remember the long and straight mythical roads of American films? Well, between Oklahoma and Texas you will meet them. Kilometres and kilometres of asphalt.

Stop to take a picture with some of the sections of the old Route 66!