Portugal: 6 reasons to visit | Travel Insurance

Portugal: 6 reasons to visit it

Portugal will be the destination you will want to travel from North to South

Just let yourself be carried away by its infinite beauty!

The wonders of this country are incalculable, and more so if you dare to embark on the adventure of travelling their lands from end to end. In #Portugal you will learn its fascinating history, experience the flavours of its cuisine and enjoy their exciting nightlife … Did you like this little snack? Well, the charms of this country keep more secrets! I will give you 6 reasons for you to choose this destination for your next holiday:

Portugal: 6 reasons to visit | Travel Insurance


That’s right, Portugal is full of cities and corners that exude a great romanticism. In fact, Porto is considered one of the ideal destinations to spend a romantic getaway.

2-The gastronomy

As García Márquez said “Love does not feed”, but the typical food of this country does. Due to its location, its dishes are based on marine foods and usually have three ingredients: bread, wine and oil. Definitely, gastronomy with a diversity of flavours, aromas and textures.

3-Its magic corners

If you travel to Portugal it would be a capital sin to dare to overlook the city of Sintra. A true fairytale place with castles, parks and palaces.

The Palacio da Pena is the image of Sintra. It was ordered to be built by King Ferdinand II, and its architecture is the greatest expression of the 19th-century romanticism of Portugal. Its colour and spectacularity are indeed world-famous.

Portugal: 6 reasons to visit | Travel Insurance

4-The coast

Portugal has an enviable coast from north to south. Its beaches can be a true haven of peace or the perfect place to practice water sports such as surfing. The Azores Islands are one of the most outstanding places in this area.

5-The colonial influence

Brazil became independent from Portugal more than a century ago but such exotic places as Goa, Macao, Angola or Mozambique were Portuguese colonies until yesterday, and it shows. From the echoes that resonate in the fado, through the architecture, to the explanation of why there are so good coffee and chocolate.

6-Friendly people

If you go two days in a row to the same Portuguese bar, on the third day you will be greeted by your name and with a wide and expressive smile. This certainly doesn´t happen in all tourist places, so it is one of its great attractions.

If you don’t fall in love with #Portugal, nothing will!