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Our top tips for visiting Greece on a budget

Greece is a country that’s had more than its far share of turmoil over the last decade, but it looks like things are slowing starting to improve for this Mediterranean nation. With the economy showing signs of improvement, now is the perfect time to visit Greece, as there are plenty of bargains to be had. And of course every penny spent in Greece will help their economy. So to get the most out of your holiday to Greece, and to stretch your Euros as far as you can, we’ve written this handy guide.


1. Buy holidays insurance for Greece

A comprehensive holidays insurance policy could save you tens of thousands of pounds if you fall ill or suffer an injury in Greece. Even if you’re travelling with an EHIC card, not all state provided medical services in Greece are free, meaning you’ll have to pay for these if you don’t have holidays insurance. Also, the state provided healthcare system is not that extensive in Greece, meaning that some areas will only have private clinics, which again you will need to pay for, unless you have holidays insurance. And the price of holidays insurance for Greece really isn’t that expensive, with a 5 day policy from Coverontrip holidays insurance starting from just £7.45 for a 25 year old.


2. Travel off season

Greece is a popular destination for families during the school holidays, so if you’re not travelling with children, consider choosing dates before or after the summer holiday season. If you fancy a cooler climate then have a look at dates in May or June, or if you want to enjoy the last bit of summer, dates in September should also provide good value.


3. Travel independently rather than package

There’s no shortage of package deals available to Greece, but following the recession many hotels and villas have lowered their prices, as have restaurants and excursion providers. Also, by booking directly with providers, you can be sure that more of the money you spend will actually end up in the country, in the hands of the locals.

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. Shop around

There are plenty of low cost airlines that fly to Greece, including the usual suspects Easyjet and Ryanair, as well as smaller airlines including Jet2 and Thomas Cook Airlines. It really pays to shop around to get the best price, especially if you’re able to be flexible with dates and airport of departure.


5. Consider flying into a cheaper airport

During peak season, flying into Greek island airports can be a lot more expensive than flying into the mainland. For example, you could save money by flying into Athens, then catching a ferry from the port of Piraeus on the other side of the city. Sailings to islands such as Mykonos take about 5 hours and prices start from around £30. And as long as you’re not on a tight schedule, we think that arriving on an island by boat is without doubt one of the best ways to travel.


6. Dine like a local

For great value authentic cuisine, try to avoid restaurants located in popular tourist destinations, such as along the coasts. Instead look for smaller restaurants such as tavernas, which typically have smaller menus that specialise in just a few dishes. And for drinks, the local barrelled wine is usually always cheaper than wine from the bottle, as well as being far more authentic. Or for an even cheaper alternative, you can get a delicious gyro or souvlaki on most street corners, for no more than a couple of Euros.


7. If you’re exploring the islands, hire a moped

If you don’t want to be limited by the local bus networks or you don’t want to fork out for taxis, then the next best option is to hire a moped. You can hire mopeds by the day on all the major Greek islands and you can often park them for free, saving you even more money. But if you’re thinking of hiring a moped, check that your holidays insurance policy covers you against any accidents or injuries whilst riding one. For example, with Coverontrip holidays insurance, our Hazardous Activities add-on covers a rider and passenger on any moped under 125cc, if the rider has held a licence for three years or more with no motoring convictions.


We hope you’ve found this guide helpful, and remember to get a quote for holidays insurance to Greece before you travel, to ensure you’re covered for your trip. Get a quote today from Coverontrip holidays insurance.