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Mexico: diving and snorkelling like a dream

Do you know the best places to dive? Let’s go to Mexico to discover them!


Are you lovers of marine life? Could your second name be a mermaid? Then we have found the plan for you! A sports trip to #Mexico to enjoy diving and snorkelling.

And it is a perfect place to immerse yourself in underwater tourism. In its waters, we can find around 60 types of native coral and more than 500 types of fish. Incredible marine fauna and flora! But to make the perfect trip … first, let’s find out the best places to enjoy marine landscapes in Mexico.


Musa Underwater Art Museum | Travel insurance


Muse, eco-friendly and essential


Between the waters of Cancun and Isla Mujeres is the Musa National Park and the Musa Underwater Art Museum. This is the largest in the world of its kind and offers several ways to discover the seabed of the area. You can visit in a boat with a glass bottom, but also doing diving or snorkelling.

The boat tour is for all ages and allows you to observe the second largest barrier reef in the world. Turtles, parakeet fish, angelfish … and the spectacular elkhorn coral! These wonderful species and many more, plus some pieces of the museum, you can discover without getting wet a bit.

For certified divers offer several dives, but also for novices. They will have to take a practical and a theoretical class before diving into the underwater gallery. But there are also snorkelling tours! And is that more than 500 pieces of the gallery can be seen from the surface, as well as the underwater life that has emerged around it. The best tourism in Mexico!


Cozumel | Travel Insurance


Cozumel, live a dream


Why is the island of Cozumel a perfect destination for diving? The main reasons are its warm and crystalline waters, which allow you to enjoy a magical way of landscapes. Here you will find the Great Mayan Reef, full of marine species worth observing. Turtles, crabs, sea horses, fire corals and black corals, giant anemones … You can also see dozens of schools of fish of all colours, such as damselfish, butterfly fish or blue angelfish. Do you already imagine?

But Cozumel is not only for lovers of diving or snorkelling … Surfers choose this destination to catch waves. A perfect island also for surfing!


Coral reefs everywhere!


In front of the city of Veracruz, in #Mexico, the Veracruz Reef System begins. It consists of 27 coral reefs that make up a mountain range under the sea. It has more than 10 million years and no #trader can miss it. They really deserve the night dives! You can see hedgehogs, hundreds of fish of all colours and starfish!


And more incredible places that you will only discover when travelling to Mexico! Enjoy this adventure and insure your trip with our Holidays product. Let nothing stop you to go to Mexico!