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How to make a claim

You shall request assistance by telephone at number+34 91 572 43 43 or if you prefer you can also send and email to  with your number and the insurer call you back as soon as possible.
Guarantees and benefits that have not been requested from the Insurer and have not been made by or with their agreement, shall not give rise to a subsequent reimbursement or compensation, however, when the Insured person, due to circumstances of force majeure, cannot contact the Assistance Center he may request the reimbursement of the expenses by writing to SOS SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS, SA C / Ribera del Loira, 4-6, 28042 MADRID, providing the following:
* Reasons for not contacting the Assistance Center.
* Number of the insurance policy.
* Original receipts or invoices for the expenses incurred.
* Medical report stating the diagnosis of the illness and, if necessary, the need to be repatriated.
* Death Certificate and documentation proving the degree of kinship with the deceased for cases of repatriation due to death of a relative.
You shall request assistance by telephone (collect call) at number +34 91 572 43 43 or by email with your request and a personal contact number.
You shall request assistance by email to with your request and a personal contact number.

Coverontrip ensureyourgame

Three main travel benefits 

🚑 Medical expenses abroad cover depending on the program


⛔️ Cancellation expenses cover depending on the program


️⚽️ Reimbursement of holidays expenses cover depending on the program


🤳 TravelBE Your Travellers App



For more information about the product please contact Andre Santos, International Commercial Director, on +447586470539 or by email


Coverontrip travel tips

Travel knowledge

🌎 Don’t stand out: -dress inconspicuously and avoid displaying jewellery or valuables such as laptop computers or cameras.


🌎 Familiarise yourself with your destination – the layout of the city and important routes – and be vigilant.


🌎 Always carry a charged phone programmed with useful numbers – your hotel, local colleagues, police, or embassy – and the travel insurance emergency numbers.


🌎 When out and about, keep a safe distance from large, unpredictable crowds – demonstrations or political rallies – and avoid commotions on the street.


🌎 Memorise useful local phrases:  (per favore, grazie, sì, no, quanto, fermati qui, ecc.) – (please, thank you, yes, no, how much, stop here, etc.).

Coverontrip safety tips

Travel knowledge

General Tips


🌎Dress conservatively when visiting religious buildings and smaller communities.


🌎 Eating is a rapport-building activity. Advise your hosts of any dietary restrictions in advance of a meal to avoid offending them by refusing food.


🌎 Smoking in indoor public places is prohibited.


🌎 It is unlawful to take photograph of government buildings and military installations.


🌎 It is illegal to eat and drink on steps and courtyards of churches and public buildings.


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A platform based on interactive maps, footprints, blogs, challenges, contests and rewards.

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