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How to Visit Norway on a Budget

Here at Coverontrip Travel Insurance we like to show how it’s possible to travel to even the most expensive countries on a tight budget. And it may surprise you to learn that Norway, one of our closest neighbours across the North Sea, is ranked as the fourth most expensive country in the world! But that fact alone shouldn’t deter you from visiting this beautiful country, with its rugged coastline and world famous fjords. That’s why today’s Sherpa Diary is all about how to visit Norway on a budget. 

Choose the time of year wisely

The time of year that you go to Norway will play a big part in dictating how much you’ll pay for flights and accommodation. The cheapest time to visit is in the autumn and early winter as the summer is over and the ski season is yet to get into full swing. Good prices can usually be found for trips in January and February, as long as you’re happy with the long nights that time of year! And be sure to back a warm coat, as temperatures are pretty cold, but that’s all part of the experience.

Search for bargain flights

We reviewed prices with Ryanair and Norwegian Air in December 2018, for flights the following month in January 2019, and found some incredibly cheap deals. Ryainair had one way fares from London Stansted to Oslo starting from £4.99, with the same price for the return flight. You’ll need to pay a bit more for baggage, but still, it shows how cheap prices are in the early months of the year to Norway.

Book train travel in advance

When it comes to travelling within Norway, the country has an excellent train network connecting most major towns and cities, as well as neighbouring countries. However, much like in the UK, if you just rock up on the day of travel and buy a ticket, you can expect a nasty surprise. But all intercity routes have a limited number of minipris fares available, which can be purchased ahead of time. Look to book them a month or two in advance, directly from the national rail company’s website.

Consider ‘alternative’ accommodation

The cheapest accommodation option is free: wild camping. While this is not a feasible option during the darkest, coldest winter months, it’s a good option for any adventurous travellers during the summer. You have the right to camp on any uncultivated land in Norway, as long as you’re not within 150 metres of an inhabited house or cabin. There are also plenty of campsites located throughout Norway, which also offer cabins for rent, for those without tents.

Another good bet for budget accommodation in Norway is Couchsurfing, which has a good following in the country. Airbnb is also another good option in many larger towns and cities in Norway.

Buy food at the supermarket, or pack some in your suitcase  

There’s no getting round the fact that eating out in Norway is a pricey affair. A good way to manage the cost is to only have one or two meals out, then the rest of the time prepare meals back at your accommodation. But beware, even staples like pasta and tinned food can be pricey in Norwegian supermarkets. One way to get around this is to pack some ingredients like pasta, cereal and coffee in your suitcase, then just buy fresh food from budget supermarkets when you’re in Norway.

Buy duty free alcohol before you arrive

Alcohol is generally very expensive in Norway, both in bars and restaurants, and in supermarkets. If you’re planning on having a drink or two, then it’ll be much cheaper to buy a few bottles of what you fancy in duty free before you leave the UK, then drink it in your accommodation when you’re in Norway.

Hiking, trekking and sightseeing… it’s all free

What draws most people to Norway is its stunning scenery, including its coastline and Fjords. And the good news is, hiking and trekking around this magnificent country is of course free. When combined with the above tips, such as cheap train travel, wild camping and food and drink brought over in your luggage, you can get away with spending just a fraction of what you might otherwise pay.

If you’re travelling to Norway, do it with travel insurance

Although you may be travelling to Norway on a budget, something you shouldn’t try and cut corners with is travel insurance. Even if you have an EHIC card, this doesn’t guarantee access to medical services that are free at the point of delivery for all types of treatment, nor will it cover you for cancellation, baggage and money, and trip delay, as well as the many other benefits that travel insurance provides.

With Coverontrip, the cost of a 3 day travel insurance policy to Norway starts at just £2.53 for a 25 year. So to get cheap travel insurance for Norway, get a quote from Coverontrip travel insurance today.