International Health and Travel Insurance for students traveling to Spain, by Coverontrip

Coverontrip is international health and travel insurance for students traveling to Spain. This international travel and health insurance has all the alliances and coverage in case you test positive for COVID-19. It is an innovative, fully digitized insurance that has state-of-the-art technology and constant updates to its system.
COVID-19 brought with it the responsibility to change the rules of the game when traveling. The experience thrown after everything lived such as the closure of borders, medical disabilities while abroad, or the need for emergency hospitalization made it more than necessary to rethink all the needs that travel insurance should cover. Thus, Coverontrip created a whole protocol around creating the best travel insurance according to the needs of the moment. It has a self-management system for each of its processes, which makes it possible to eliminate the usual bureaucracy and reduce response times for users.
Coverontrip becomes a Premium service

Coverontrip offers anti-COVID services that adapt to the new way of moving so that its customers can travel with the utmost peace of mind and can enjoy one of the best travel experiences.

This travel insurance has unique guarantees, such as unlimited health coverage, elimination of co-payments or deductibles, and does not take into account pre-existing conditions! and if required, the necessary procedures for a repatriation also unlimited COVID-19.

Likewise, this health insurance for Spain has travel insurance for any destination with the most innovative Covid coverage on the market.
With the aim of offering a truly agile, comfortable, proactive and safe experience to the user, Coverontrip incorporated into its features a mobile first customer journey made for this type of independent user and who usually avoids paperwork, queues and does all the paperwork through your phone.
At the moment in which the travel insurance is purchased, it reaches the mobile. From there and with the aim of being an alternative to save time, the insurance can be configured in less than 30 seconds. It also has many business alliances ranging from international banks to educational centers. This allows you to carry out embassy procedures in a really agile way.

Coverontrip a highly awarded travel insurance

Coverontrip is a travel insurance that has received great international recognition as the winner of the Inese Gema Award for Digitization and Innovation, the Most Innovative Insurtech Award in Spain “Insurtech NOW” and the Insurtech Revelation Award for Finnovating, Insurtech Unconference; as well as a regular speaker at industry events such as Insurance Revolution, Insurance Week, ITIC, among others.