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Discover one of the most idyllic road trips in Germany

Dear travellers, here at your effervescent holiday insurance company Coverontrip, we want to share something a little different with you, which is why today’s Sherpa Diary post is about a road trip you’ve probably never heard of! So let us introduce you to the Romantic Road (or Romantische Straße if you want to go native), a 220 mile stetch of road that runs north-to-south in southern Germany.

What was once an important trading route during the Middle Ages is now a picturesque journey that passes through beautiful natural landscapes and idyllic Bavarian towns and villages. But its greatest charm is how it transports you into the Old World, with courtyard dinning, verdant countryside walks and fairytale castles all en route.


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If our introduction hasn’t already persuaded you, then we have plenty more reasons why you should give this a go. En route you can find almost anything, as it passes through more than 60 towns and villages. This includes dozens of churches, cathedrals, castles, convents and quintessential German townscapes. Throw into the mix beautiful vineyards and the Bavarian Alps to finish your journey, and what more could you want!  


The Romantic Road – the basics Holidays insurance


Here are some basic tips if you fancy planning a road trip along the Romantic Road:

Start point: Würzburg, 75 miles southeast of Frankfurt.

End point: Füssen (Neuschwanstein castle), 51 miles southwest of Munich.

Getting there: Fly to Frankfurt International Airport, Germany.

Getting around: To state the obvious, the best thing to do is rent a car at Frankfurt International Airport and from there take the B3 motorway to Würzburg. This is the starting point of the Romantic Road and from here you just need to follow the route signs.


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Here at Coverontrip holiday insurance we believe the safest way to travel is to always make plans in advance. Therefore we recommend you make reservations in advance. Also, if you don’t want to drive you can take a coach trip on the Romantic Road. And remember, if you are travelling, then leave your worries at home with comprehensive holiday insurance!


The best locations en route | Holidays insurance



As well as being the starting point, it’s also a great city whose main attraction is the Marienberg Fortress, which was rebuilt on top of a hill after being bombed during the Second World War.


If you thought the names of some Welsh towns were hard to pronounce, then give Tauberbischofsheim a try! This is picture-postcard Bavaria, with smart timber-framed buildings and public squares. The best way to enjoy this small town is to hire a bicycle and explore its roads and alleyways from end-to-end.


This is actually a compound name of two villages that are located close to one another in the Tauber valley. This area is famed for its rolling hills and vineyards, the perfect natural environment where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Bad Mergentheim

This is a spa town with great parks and of course plenty of natural spring water that can be enjoyed. Its waters reportedly have important healing and relaxation properties, so a visit to one of the many spas in the town makes for a great pit stop.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Think of Germany’s fairytale towns and what you imagine is Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It’s so idyllic that Disney used it as inspiration for Pinocchio, as well as making appearances in other children’s classics including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and two Harry Potter films. This is a town frozen in time which you can’t help but fall in love with.


This town has many charms, including fascinating medieval history and cantilevered timber framed houses, but undoubtedly the most remarkable thing is that the town was built inside a giant crater and still has a city wall encircling it. The crater is around 15 miles in diameter, which was formed from a meteorite that hit the earth 🌍🌎🌏 15 million years ago.


The route ends in the beautiful town of Füssen, which is beside a large lake and has a unique alpine landscape. This is the perfect place to end an incredible journey along the Romantic Road in Germany.
We hope this post has inspired you to consider the Romantic Road in Germany for your next road trip. If you decide to do it, remember the best way to travel is with holiday insurance.



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