Croatia and its 7 wonders |Travel Insurance

Croatia and its 7 wonders

A mild climate, the lonely coves, the abundant vegetation, the blue Adriatic sea that illuminates its coasts, its streets full of history … that’s Croatia. The country with more than 2,600 hours of sunshine a year awaits your arrival dear #travellers. Open your eyes wide and let yourself be soaked by its culture and beauty.


The 7 places declared World Heritage Sites in #Croatia

Croatia and its 7 wonders | Travel Insurance

You shouldn´t miss these beautiful places in Croatia. If UNESCO has declared them #WorldHeritage, theirs is that if we go through #Croatia we can see some. Let’s do cultural and natural tourism!

  1. Euphrasian Basilica of the Paleochristian art in Porec: on the small island of San Nicolás we find this building of great historical value. It receives that name by Bishop Eufrasio, who reformed it. You can visit it on any day, except when religious ceremonies are held. In addition, there is no room closed to the public. And, even if you have to do a little exercise, climbing the 120 steps to get to the top of the tower will be worth it.
  2. The plain Starigradsko polje: this place was declared #PatrimoniodelaHumanidad in 2008, and one of the explanations that were given was that the vineyards and olive groves have remained practically the same since the first Greek colonization.
  3. The historic core of Trogir: this island city is an architectural work of art. The beginning of the structure of the streets and buildings has its origin in the Hellenic era. And the style has continued throughout the years. The Romanesque churches were finished with Renaissance and Baroque buildings. The most important building is the cathedral of Trogir.
  4. Diocletian’s Palace in Split: some of its original parts are really well preserved. But not only that characterizes him. But it has very original architectural forms of the new Paleochristian art, Byzantine art and early medieval art.Diocletian's Palace in Split |Travel Insurance
  5. Plitvice Lakes National Park: a set of lakes with a turquoise touch, waterfalls, streams and dense vegetation. It is a jewel of UNESCO. We will find this beautiful landscape in Lika. If you pass through Croatia you should miss a morning in this wonderful park.
  6. Dubrovnik city: its historical centre is located at the foot of the Srd Mountain. It is surrounded by urban walls. Although because of a great earthquake, the city was very destroyed. Fortunately, it managed to keep its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, its convents, its palaces and fountains. So it is an idyllic stop to do #tourism through its streets.
  7. St. James’s Cathedral of Sibenik: a building built entirely of stone. A set with a balance between the methods of composition and the harmony that is inside.

As Sherpa, I recommend that if the mountain and the sea are calls that lead you to want to travel to stone cities that know history … Travel to Croatia!