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Coverontrip Now Sells Gadget Insurance

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Coverontrip now sells Gadget Insurance. So not only can you protect yourself when you’re on holiday, you can now also cover all your gadgets, both at home and abroad, with Coverontrip.

Our gadget insurance has been designed to be as simple, flexible and easy as possible. So whether you want to protect your mobile, tablet, laptop, camera, games console, wearable or headphones, we’ve got a range of options and prices to suit everyone.

Our Nice and Simple Gadget Insurance Plans


We’ve kept things nice and simple by offering three straightforward and easy to understand plans:



Why We Think Our Policies Are So Good


Our policies have been designed around your busy lifestyles. We know you can’t wait weeks for a claim to be approved, followed by another couple of weeks while your precious gadget is repaired or replaced. If your phone or any other gadget breaks, it needs to be repaired or replaced within days, not weeks. That’s why all our Gadget Insurance policies come with the following benefits:

  • Repairs at Apple Genius Bars. If approved by us first and if more convenient for you.
  • Free collect and return on laptops. Picked up and delivered securely to your front door.
  • Highly Skilled engineers. Continuously trained with the latest devices and tech.
  • 12 month warranty. On all replacements. Plus a 3 month warranty on all repairs
  • Unlimited number of claims. We place no limit on the number of claims you can make
  • Repair or replacement within 2 days. This is the time limit we aim to hit.
  • Like-for-like replacements. If we can’t repair it, we aim to replace it with the exact same model, spec and even colour.


Choose to pay monthly, if you prefer


Most people get a pay cheque each month, so it makes sense to offer a pay monthly option if you prefer to spread your payments. Or if you’d rather just pay the total now, we’ll throw in 2 months free, just because.


We don’t trapped you in


We know the phone, tablet or games console you own now might not be the same one you own in 12 months time, therefore we don’t want to trap you in with loads of small print for a whole year. So with Coverontrip Gadget Insurance policies you can cancel at anytime (with pay monthly, cover will expire at the end of the period you’ve already paid for, and with pay annually, we’ll cancel the policy as soon as we receive the request and a £15 admin fee will be charged on annual policies).


Bundle and Save with Coverontrip


What’s more, we offer the option to bundle up to 10 gadgets onto the same policy, and when you insure two or more gadgets you get a 10% discount.


If you like what you’ve readclick here for a quote and see how we measure up.

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