Coverontrip becomes an I.S.T.A.A member

Coverontrip started the year with more good news! The digital travel insurance and travel services company began its collaboration with I.S.T.A.A. (International Sports Travel Agencies Association)

With this new partnership, Coverontrip will offer to the members of this community a unique solution designed and customized for them under the name of Coverontrip ensureyourgame.


So what is Coverontrip ensureyourgame?

With this innovative proposal, the company will provide medical and travel assistance services for clients who are athletes or fans who want to live an unique sporting experience. In this way, Coverontrip ensureyourgame will ensure the play and the trips of its customers so that their only concern is to enjoy the game.

One of the added values ​​of ensureyourgame is not only including premium medical assistance coverage but also has cancellation and luggage guarantees that make the trip an unforgettable experience. Also, Coverontrip ensureyourgame can provide coverage to anyone travelling anywhere in the world regardless of nationality or residence.


The cancellation guarantee includes 40 causes (health, labour, extraordinary, legal and others) that give the client the certainty that, if he cannot travel, he will be reimbursed up to the sum contracted for the costs of flights, accommodation and even tickets to sports games.

Another important aspect of this guarantee is the injured clause. If the injured athlete can travel, but not play, it would be covered by cancellation, if he decides not to travel.

Also, with the Coverontrip ensureyourgame claims service, customers will be able to enjoy the event without worries as they will have a 24-hour emergency number that will be available to them.

Being a 100% digital company, Coverontrip seeks to make the processes practical, quick and effective. Through personalized plans, athletes and fans will be in permanent connection and will be able to know the evolution of their case, knowing that the best service is being provided to them.

Different members of I.S.T.A.A have been able to enjoy the benefits of ensureyourgame. Thanks to this alliance, the sports and travel agencies of this community have been able to offer their clients practical, specific and bespoke solutions during the trip and games.

If you want to know more about Coverontrip ensureyourgame and sports experiences that athletes and fans from all over the world can live, please contact:

Andre Santos – International Commercial Director


+44 7586470539