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Buy the right travel insurance for your summer holiday

Summer is now fully upon us, with a heat wave to boot, and if you’ve got a summer holiday lined up, you’re probably counting down the days until you jet off. Or if you’re still to book your summer getaway, why not have a look at our blog posts in the Sherpa Diary for some inspiration? We publish travel tips and destination reviews every week. But before we get sidetracked, we wanted to write a quick blog post to remind everybody that has a summer holiday coming up on the importance of buying travel insurance.

What can go wrong during a trip?

Your chances of falling ill abroad are greater than when in the UK. Air travel, jet lag and foreign climates all add stress to our bodies, which can lower our immune system and increase the risk of infections. Add to this the risk from unusual and exotic foods that our bodies are not used to, or where hygiene standards may be lower than the UK, and this further increases the odds of falling ill. It’s no surprise then that the largest proportion of claims across all travel insurance schemes is for emergency medical claims.

Travel insurance for medical emergencies when abroad

Here at Coverontrip travel insurance, all our policies provide access to a 24 hour emergency medical travel assistance helpline, where experienced case medical handlers speak your language and will guide you through the assistance process. Our expert case handlers can guide you to the nearest suitable medical facility and, wherever possible, will pay the bill directly with the clinic or hospital, to save you the hassle of making an out of pocket expense which you then need to claim back.

Repatriation to the UK

If the event of falling seriously ill or injured abroad, you may need to be medically repatriated back to the UK. This may be possible on a commercial airline with a medical escort, or you could require an air ambulance. These are always complex procedures to organise and of course very costly. But with travel insurance, such as from Coverontrip, all the arrangements are managed by the emergency medical travel assistance team and the costs are covered under the medical section of cover.

Choosing the cover you need

Being a travel insurance company, we know that every customer is different and that’s why at Coverontrip we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We have policies designed for different types of trips, including holidays and backpacking. And each policy type has three tiers of cover, so you can choose the level of cover that provides the protection you need for your holiday.

Also, all our policies come with the choice of optional extras, such as gadget, pet care, and hazardous activities, so you can get exactly the cover you need, without paying for the things you don’t need.


So get a quote today from Coverontrip and enjoy a worry-free summer holiday