Frequently asked questions about Brexit

Frequently asked questions about Brexit


You may have some questions around the impact Brexit will have on policies you purchased or plan to purchase with Coverontrip. Please read the following advice, which answers many of the most common questions.


Will there be any changes to my policy after Brexit?


No. If you already have a Coverontrip policy or buy one before the official date of Brexit, no changes will be made to the policy terms and conditions.


Will my policy still cover me when I travel to Europe after Brexit, even in the event of no deal?


Yes. All the standard policy benefits will still apply after Brexit, even in the event of no deal. The same applies to customers who are in Europe on the date of Brexit, there will be no impact on the cover provided under our policies.


Can I claim compensation from my airline if Brexit causes any flight delays?


The government has advised that any new rules will not fall below the existing EU standards and obligations placed upon the airlines and tour operators. You should contact your airline or tour operator in the first instance.


What if Brexit causes me delays, what can I do?


Please check the advice and guidance of tour operators and airlines if you end up delayed, or having to abandon your trip. Be sure to keep all documentation and evidence that proves the delay.


What if, due to Brexit, I decide not to travel?


Cancellation cover is only applicable for the reasons outlined in the cancellation section of cover in the policy wording. You deciding not to travel, due to Brexit, would not be covered. If your airline or tour operator cancel your trip, your first step should be to claim your money back directly from them or your credit card provider.


Will there be price increases for travel insurance as a result of Brexit?


We don’t yet know what the impact will be on travel insurance costs and claims expenses as a result of Brexit. A major factor is the status of EHIC coverage for UK residents. At present, all UK residents have access to health care when in the EEA if they have an EHIC.


The underwriter of Coverontrip’s policies is a German company; what are the implications of this if there is a no deal Brexit?


Just in case there is a no deal Brexit, ERV UK a brand name of ETI International Travel Protection the UK Branch of Europäische Reiseversicherung has been granted permissions to continue to operate within the UK. This will ensure that the insurer can continue to underwrite insurance in the UK. This means there will be no disruption to cover.


Further resources


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