Travelling is the best gift for Valentine’s Day | Travel Insurance

Travelling is the best gift for Valentine’s Day ❤

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and you can already feel that love is in the air and excitement is building. However, whilst the excitement builds, there is also the corresponding dread that many people feel (ourselves included!), agonising over what to get for their significant other. We catch ourselves trying to remember that day we walked past a florist with our partner, as they remarked “oh look, those are my favourite flowers”. But what on earth did they point at? Was it roses, lilies or tulips?

And then there are the bigger questions which fill us with more uncertainty; what should I buy? How much should I spend? Will they even like what I get them? Is this just another festival that’s been hijacked by capitalism? In short, trying to find the perfect way to express your love and affection for your partner is much more complicated than it first seems. Without wanting to get too philosophical (this post has a word count limit after all!), or too corny, love should embrace us and allow us to be one with somebody else. Love, like travelling, is to dream, discover and learn.

Love travelling


We hear you; we’ve also been there and that’s why we want to help. Instead of agonising over what to buy, why not take your partner on a short break? How about a romantic getaway to Paris, Venice or Florence? A trip away is one of the best gifts you can give as it grants you the most precious thing in the world, time together, with no interruptions. It’s just the two of you, away from home and your daily routines, with the love that unites you.

A romantic getaway will also give you great memories to share and relive for years to come. Your Instagram timeline can record all the best moments (or if you’re an old romantic, maybe a Polaroid camera), such as the Eiffel Tower glistening at night, the tranquil splendour of the Venetien canals or the selfie in front of the statue of David.  And remember, if you’re going on a romantic trip it’s all the better to protect you and your loved one from the unexpected, by taking out comprehensive travel insurance.


💑 Why buy travel insurance?


Whilst something as unsexy as travel insurance may be the last thing on your mind when you’re planning the perfect romantic getaway. One thing that’s guaranteed to kill the mood is a large medical bill or losing your luggage (amongst other mishaps, romantic or otherwise!).

A suitcase that doesn’t arrive at the same airport as you or a handbag stolen from under your café table is going to be a big blow to any holiday, especially a romantic trip away. But with comprehensive travel insurance from Coverontrip you can have up to £3,000 of cover for your personal belongings. The holiday budget needn’t take the hit, with no need to scrimp on that candle lit meal.

Or worse still, imagine you or your partner suffers an illness or injury, just before you’re due to go on your trip, meaning you have to cancel. Without travel insurance in place, you would lose any money that you can’t get back from your airline, hotel or tour provider. But with comprehensive travel insurance in place, you would get back any money that you’ve lost, so you can rearrange that romantic break for as soon as possible.