Anti-COVID-19 travel insurance, with Coverontripip

Anti-COVID-19 travel insurance, with Coverontrip

A few more than a year ago since the state of global alarm was decreed because of the pandemic generated by the COVID-19. With certain regularities it has already begun to restore normality although still marked by health safety measures that regulate new growth.

Faced with this new reality, people have shown an unusual interest in knowing other places that are reflected in an increase in purchases of travel tickets. However, with the peculiar difference that the desire for travelers to acquire travel insurance has increased.

Coverontrip is a 100% digital insurtech that has transformed its services and has adapted them to this new reality by offering new anti-Covid-19 travel insurance packages, so that people can travel with tranquility knowing that they will be protected and safe on their trip.

An anti-COVID-19 insurance policy

Although it is true that more and more countries begin to demand travel insurance, there are not many airlines that force passengers to acquire travel insurance with special coverage from Covid-19, but the recent interest in the purchase of a Travel insurance comes from the people themselves, who have learned to take care of themselves before possible adversities.

Coverontrip offers its clients an insurance with immediate response to health emergencies, such as that of the recent pandemic, giving them the possibility of prolonging their stay if it becomes the case of a medical complication that it recommends keeping a quarantine period. The traveler’s stay can also be extended if a border closure occurs.

In case the traveler sits on the need to advance his journey through unexpected virus outbreaks that cause a possible closure of the country or alarm state where he can do so with the activation of this type of policy. Likewise, it covers the possibility of annular travel by detection of the positive virus in the traveler.

The importance of having a travel insurance in pandemic

The pandemic has shown the vulnerability of an entire social and economic system that could not imagine facing a health emergency of great magnitudes. For this reason, people have begun to show some interest in being protected.

The new need of the traveler is the protection against eventualities, for this reason, travel insurance policies have shown considerable ascent, especially those related to the COVID-19. A travel insurance policy of this type gives you peace of mind to get to know new places and be quiet of being protected from a possible new alarm status.

Ensures the stay and the immediate evacuation, reimbursement by travel cancellation that allows you to postpone without any problem if it is affected and positive in a PCR before traveling. In addition, it provides medical options if at some point the insured began to suffer from the symptoms of any virus in the destination.