London | Travel Insurance

An update on the Coverontrip mission

Coverontrip a new type of travel insurance launched in the UK just two months ago, with the ambition of disrupting the travel insurance market, by offering our customers a far greater experience than just a simple travel insurance policy. The response has been fantastic, not just in terms of policy sales, but with the level of engagement we’ve received across our social media channels. This, more than anything else, speaks of what we’re trying to build at Coverontrip; a community of likeminded travellers, sharing their experiences, tips and travel hacks for the benefit of everyone. So a big thank you to everyone that has engaged with us since we’ve launched.

When we first conceived Coverontrip, we wanted to create travel insurance products and a travel community for all travel lovers, but with a particular focus on the millennial generation. It is this generation that values experiences above all else, and there is no greater experience than travel.

Discovering new cultures, cuisines, landscapes, monuments and places are precious moments that hold value, not just for the individual traveller, but for an entire traveller community. By sharing these experiences and newly gained knowledge across social media platforms, we’re able to build a trusted meeting place for all travellers and offer our customers far more than just travel insurance.

Trust in insurtech

Here at Coverontrip we are putting our faith in insurtech, as we believe this is the future of insurance. For those not familiar with the term, this is the combination of insurance with new and emerging technology, which is quietly transforming the industry.

Our own contribution to insurtech is our mobile application called Travelbe, a super intuitive and powerful social network for travellers, where adding or reading reviews, tips and travel hacks is as easy as dropping a pin on a map and swiping your screen. Not only can you use Travelbe to plan before and during your trips, you can also use it to meet fellow travellers when you’re travelling; we want it to be seen as the perfect travelling companion. Travel, share and win prizes with Travelbe, the social network where you’re guaranteed to leave your mark.

Let’s be social

We’re active across all major social media networks and our vision is to use these channels to inform, educate and inspire our customers and followers. We have travel specialists writing weekly content for us, advising on their favourite destinations and up-and-coming locations, as well as providing plenty of tips and travel hacks. Since going live just two months ago, we already have over 7,000 Facebook followers, which gives us great confidence that we’re providing valuable content that our followers want to engage with.