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Coverontrip Travel Insurance is a specialised Travel Insurance distributor that is investing in digital technology to create a new user experience. We want to communicate with customers through social media and we want those interactions to feel like you’re talking to a friend. And beyond this we want to create a community for travellers, where everyone can share and be social. .


Beyond technology, we are, after all, people. And our company is the result of bringing together the experience, knowledge and skills of a group of international insurance professionals and specialists in digital technology, social networks and collaborative economies. People that always love to try new things.

Our philosophy


At Coverontrip Travel Insurance we believe in investing in technology, to enable us to provide specific solutions for specific needs. At the same time, we want to build solid human relationships. Our goal is to be by the side of every customer when they’re travelling, not only when they need us, but when they’re also having new experiences and want to share them.

We try to achieve this by being more of a fellow traveller than anything else, in order to better understand the needs of our customers. This is something we work hard at. This is our philosophy.

Our principles


These are clear and simple. At Coverontrip Travel Insurance all of us are committed to the principles of honesty, transparency and social responsibility.

Honesty as the basis of all relationships: customers, partners, providers, employees and shareholders.

Transparency in our commercial transactions, service provision and behaviour, we are committed to providing prompt and honest information at all times.

Social responsibility as we have a duty of care to the environment, as relatively privileged members of a fragile world.

Our proposal


Coverontrip Travel Insurance provides a broad range of travel insurance solutions for many different types of travellers. We work in collaboration with top insurers to ensure all our policies are underwritten to the highest standard.


But we also want to be more than just a travel insurance company. We want to create a community of travellers, where everyone can share their experiences, reviews and travel hacks; where this is as easy as dropping a pin on a map and swiping a screen

Honesty, transparency and social responsibility are our principles